Monday, March 28, 2016

Why Indian Film Industry lags behind at international level?

Including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Punjabi and other regional languages, more than one thousand movies are being produced yearly in India, which is more than whole of Hollywood, Chinese or Korean film industry. Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other country’s film industries produce far lesser movies as India, but their reach is greater than that of India’s.
Indian film industry is now not only laced with big budget, advance technology and superstars, but it is now producing movies out of the box. But, still what is the reason that Indian film industry is unable to draw international audience towards it. Why Indian movies have not international viewership so far?

Although many Indian movies are premiered in many foreign countries, it cannot be ruled out that their audience are only Indians residing abroad. Foreign audience is yet reluctant to spend their pocket money to watch Indian family drama.
Indian movies no matter they are Hindi, Tamil, Telugu or Punjabi are stuck to only Indian audience living abroad while Hollywood movies enjoy massive worldwide viewership. Even, Chinese, Korean and Japanese movies have international viewership, more than India. In India also English and dubbed versions of other foreign movies have greater audience.
Recently years Hollywood movies like Spiderman, Avengers and Jurassic World have even surpassed Indian movies in on their own ground.
What are the underlying reasons behind Indian movies failing to draw international audience should be found out.
Although in past one decade several Indian movies dubbed in English had been released in USA, UK and other countries with high Indian expatriates, but their foreign audience could be counted on fingers.
Kabhi Alvida Na KehnaKal Ho Na HoMy Name is KhanJab Tak Hai Jaan, and several other big budget movies had been released in overseas, but the fact is that they could only draw Indian audience living abroad.
Bollywood experts assert that our Indian audience is too much that we don’t need to resort to international audience. Whether it is home country or overseas, out target audience have always been Indians, and that’s why we are still restricted at a global level.
On the other hand, Indian film director and producers don’t want to compete with foreign movies, because their cinema technology is advanced than that of India, moreover, they perceive fear of financial losses in it, and this may also be as a core reason behind Indian movies not getting Oscar awards.
Nonetheless, in recent years, various Indian movies have been premiered in foreign languages and have been admired at various levels, but it isn’t sufficient for such a huge industry. Now, time has come that Indian film industry should prove its mettle at Global Ground.