Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Misfortune of India!

Misfortune of India!

Nagaland’s tribes have been demanding separate Country since independence. On the other hand India could not control its external and internal security. Terrorist and smugglers and, separatists have involved violent actives and hurt the country’s integrity many times but Government always failed to overcome the issue. 
Maoists, a separatist group made by a people dissatisfied by government due non availability of job and other source of income and other facilities to be provided by government aid so far.  The Kashmir issue is the foremost international dispute India faced since its independence fighting 3 Major wars but could not find any substantial result.

It may be called as misfortune of India that Indian Government took it 50 years back in last 60 years. When the countries like Singapore, Israel, North Korea, China Malaysia, and Indonesia got developed in merely 50-60 years, then why India left behind so far in terms of development from these countries which were at the same point 60 years ago where Indian was.

India got its independence in 1947 from British rule, while Singapore was created in 1959, 12 years after India’s independence. Singapore is merely as big as any small as Indian city of Bhopal. During its independence from Malaysia, Singapore was suffering from poverty, corruption, poor infrastructure even it had to import water. But merely in 50 years it became Asia’s four big economic power house with land area of merely 700 sq km, which is almost half of the City of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh state of India.

It is unimaginable for such a small county to become world economic power house, with outstanding infrastructure becoming foremost tourist destination not for Asians but Europeans and Americans too. How it transformed from poorest country to most beautiful county of the world. However, Indian need to learn some lesson from this country which did not have even enough food 50 years back has become hotspot tourist destination. Ironically, Indian has more than 32 Lakh sq kms of land with wide verity of land space, snow-capped mountains to meows, tropical forest and plains. But Indian could not improved its tourist infrastructure due to which Indian could not even fruitfied  its so called haven viz Kashmir which is far more beautiful than Switzerland.

Israel, also known as War country of the World has been involved in war since its inception in 1948 after division from Palestine during British rule. Since then it has been fought numerous major and minor wars against its five ordering Arab countries. It fought a number of wars against Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and defeated them every single time.

With its land area just 20,00 sq km which is exactly half of Indian state of Kerala, it still has made itself strong enough that even United States of America do not dare to underestimate it. India, hundred times bigger than it, is the largest military importer of Israel. All the modern agricultural techniques like drip irrigation, arid agriculture are discovered in Israel only.

 Even after being situated at most conflict affected zone how this country has made itself so much strong and immunized is definitely praiseworthy. 

The most disputed territory Gaza strip has been the reason of numerous wars between Israel and Palestine. In last Gaza war in 2014, More 1500 Palestinian civilians were killed whereas merely 10 people including Army personnel were killed on Israeli side, this tells the success story of Israel that how it has made its military so power full. From this instant, we should learn that that peace is not only the solution of conflict when opposite side is repeatedly provoking the cease fire. 
Had India given appropriate answered to Pakistan, such situation has not been created. Such a giant country could not control a smaller and poorer country like Pakistan whereas such a small country like Israel has made chew iron grams to countries far more power full then them.

China the upcoming world power pacing fast to overcome America in next 10 years. With double digit growth rate in last 3 decades China has become second most developed county after Unite States of America. In last 20 years it grew tremendously fast leaving all the advanced countries behind in the world.  It has become largest electronic products manufacturer in world. All the electronic equipment from Mobile phone to watches calculates are being manufactured and assembled in China and imported by all the advanced countries. Even the world’s best phone manufacturer Apple, Sony and Samsung also assemble their phones in China only.

And it China only reason that mobile phone could reach to such grater extent of urban and rural India. ft China did not export mobiles to India, the middle class and rural Indian could not afford the expensive phones made by Sony, Apple, Nokia and Samsung. Thanks to Chinese phone that forced big companies to slash their prices. All the times India claimed to be World’s greatest civilization but our times had been gone thousands of years ago. We had been slave for more than 1500 years that destroyed our education, research and intellect and literature. First Mughal then British ruled India and destroyed its culture from its core and now India even after 60 years of independence could not stand on its own,

The problem India after independence Indian confronted was its diversity. Due to so many Religion, Race, Cast and Creed integration of Indian is almost impossible. That is the reason that there has been communal violence occasionally. Moreover, Northeastern states are still isolated from main stream even after 60 years of Independence. They are always made feel like outsiders.