Sunday, January 31, 2016

How Cycling could be an essential part of Smart City

Respected Prime Minister, 
Republic of India

As you have given a new life to Radio by starting Man Ki Baat, like this you should also give a new life to Cycle. Cycle is not only the cheapest but a symbolic of sustainable development. 

Almost in all the developed countries cycling has emerged as important mode of transport. I am living in Tel Aviv city Israel. It is one of the smartest Cities in World.  Here children, students, professors, girls, women, adult and even elders use cycling on daily basis for going outside. In Israel cycling has been introduced emerged as a modern mode of transport with hi-tech technology.

Cycling will provide a cheapest transport or vast middle class population of India, but it will also reduce traffic from road and reduce pollution drastically.

In Tel Aiviv, the cycling Stands have been installed in all parts of city, where one can get cycle for rent on hourly or daily charges and can return at any other cycle stand near his/her destination. This is very convenient way as one remains relived from carrying cycle all the way.  This project (Project Name- ‘Tel-O-Fun’) is run by a private company.

This is a fantastic method of transportation. Here cycles are modernised equipped with gears and lights. Here even those who did not like to use cycle in India, are using cycles on daily basis.

We can adopt this project from Israel for sustainable growth of India. It will not only save money, fuel and reduce pollution, but also be beneficial for people’s health.

In the last few years, cycling has become increasingly popular not only as a form of transport in the city,  but for sports and leisure. There is even a remarkable rental system for bicycles, Tel-o-Fun, which enables people to rent bicycles at any time at hundreds of rental stations around city.

Here I have mentioned a link to the website of the cycling project (Tel-0-Fun) running in Tel Aviv City, Israel along with a video showing how cycling works here.


Sanjay Shukla
Tel Aviv, Israel