Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Could there be religious minority in Secular Country ?

f country is secular aren't all religion equal? If all religions are equal then why special status should be given to any particular? And isn’t that amounts to widen the gap between people.

No Country gives special status to their minority on any grounds, and Conflict starts only when one religion, community or sect is given special privileges for political gain, while others are not.

A constitution which divides nation on sectarian ground cannot be secular. We do not hesitate quoting articles of Indian constitution proclaiming equal rights to all regardless of their caste, creed, colour and denomination, but special concessions on the basis of sect, cast and creed de facto not equality in any sense in secular State.

Special Rights to few and deprivation to rest is not democracy that ensured equal rights to all. Even Saudi Arabia and Iran also follow same suit with different treatment to different sects, and this is what India did and does to its minority community.
Even after bearing brunt of Partition, India didn't learn any lesson and laid foundations for another Pakistan per se.
How could I be patronizing those who killed my father? And this exactly what India did.
India not only patronized them but positioned them even higher against their enemies, who brutally killed each other just a few years back in 1947.

Two brothers separated out of their hatred cannot be brothers at any cost ever whether it was Yugoslavia, North and South Korea, North and South Sudan, Jewish and Arabs of Palestine, even once united Bangladesh and Pakistan and many more to come.
Does anyone dig his/her own grave, Yes India did it long ago.