Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trump’s Rhetoric Soared Anti-Muslim Crimes in West

Although it is due to formally implement the Donald Trump’s (Republican 2016-Presidential Candidate)proposal of banning Muslims in United States, in case if Republicans comes to power, but recent incidents what many saw as new American Policy baring Muslims from visiting United States, grew outrage in world Muslim community.

             Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate for USA-2016  Election.

Paris Attacks followed by Trump’s rhetoric didn’t take more than two weeks escalating anti-Muslim incidents with detaining a Muslim family from flights, attacks on mosques and hatred speeches and violence.

In a recent incident, a British Muslim family bound for a visit to Disneyland was barred from boarding a London flight to Los Angeles at Heathrow Airport earlier this month.

The questions here once again started arising that, are Americans becoming intolerant against their minority community including African Americans, Muslims and Hindus, Sikhs, Jews among others.

All national Exit Polls showed positive trends after Republican front-runner presidential candidate's remark on the total ban on Muslims visiting United Sates of America, in late November.  His remark surged him in all exit polls ever since the trumpet of 2016-Presidential elections blown.

The trends, somehow, to a greater extent gestures towards the changing pattern of Americans mind towards Muslim community making them overprotective and intolerant against minorities.

And, the degree to which his remark is going to change the future of American politics and Presidential election can be not be very unambiguous in months ahead.

The world's oldest democracy, claiming equal right to all no matter what religion, colour, beliefs and faiths its people share,   is seems to be going through from its transition period from secular to religious, from tolerant to intolerant, and from pluralist and cosmopolitan to stereotypes.

Not only this, violence against African Americans (Blacks) has also seen a dramatic upsurge in recent few years with more than 355 mass-shooting in mere 336 days in States.

Martin Luther King Jr., would had devoted his whole life in fighting for rights of African American,  would have shocked by seeing such intolerance in Unites States. Significantly, Martin Luther King Jr. was inspired by Indian freedom fighter and crusader of truth and non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi), to fight for rights of African Americans (Blacks).

And surprisingly, the very first African American (Black) President of United States, Barack Obama did not hesitate criticising India for inciting religions intolerance, earlier this year.  

During his visit to India, in his speech to Indian people he had said that India will keep developing as far as it will remain secular and will not be divided on lines religion. Later, he also remarked that the rising religious intolerance in India would have shocked its peace icon Mahatma Gandhi. However, India has been occasionally target by Western democratic liberal and secular counties for being intolerant against its minority communities.

Coming back to USA, it is now up to the Americans and its Muslims that how are they going to reflect their vote towards such rhetoric or they have become accustomed enough to digest such direct anti-Muslims statements by a presidential candidate, And how the Paris, 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo are going to affect American majority communities when will set to cast their vote.