Thursday, May 28, 2015

Poor Helpless India

                                                                 Poor Helpless  India

 The Government and Bureaucrats has made Indian so much week from its code inside that it has become so much  helpless and poor to take to help from such a country which is even smaller then it Capital. Although western countries were far more developed than Asian countries due to early independence, revolution and industrialization but the Asian Age has come form Mongoloid People only.

In past few decades the countries which made fast development are Obviously China, Singapore, Macau, Japan, South Korea etc but why Could not India made it up. India has followed non assignment policy since its Independence but of no use as before breakdown of USSR, Indian enjoyed healthy relationship with Russia with good cooperation in almost every field ranging from military help to education,research and infrastructure, but just after its breakdown and emergence of United States of America the soul superpower of world in 1989, India automatically leaned towards it.

United States of America ,Canada and other advanced countries are home to millions of Indian migrants who don ever think of returning once they establish themselves there then don't think to contribute their native country in some way. However, Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minster, called Indian Diaspora living in various countries to contribute for development of their country, lets see how much they help India in its development.

The people are still it it still bound to live and sleep on roads,children labor is now at its height.In last 3 decades 3 classes have been come into existence in India, i.e Very high class like Ambanies and Birlas, and very lowest which comes in below poverty line and spend their night on roads, railway platforms, bus stands etc.